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ISO a great gray tee!

September 11, 2016 | Laura Schoch | Featured

ISO means In Search Of, BTW. I did not know that but then again I thought LOL meant Lots Of Love (instead of laugh out loud). You can imagine my panic when I found out and remembered all of my Face Book comments… “so sorry about your grandma…LOL”. “Your cat lived a great life (or really 9) LOL.” Laughing out loud at how dumb I am (and trust me so are my kids!)

old-navy-teeAnyway, I’m always ISO the perfect layering tops, which are great for this pre-fall season called “transition”. My current obsession is a great dark gray tee- clearly with a V-NECK or scoop (not a crew neck – we all know that right?) I buy them by the batch.t-by-alexander-wang-gray-classic-viscose-tee-with-pocket-product-1-7438362-3-029276816-normal

I love the simplicity – pair a gray tee with jeans, shorts or a long skirt and then layer a blazer, denim jacket or cardigan over them and of course some amazing accessories. (Of course you can get them in others colors besides gray – but gray is better) T by Alexander Wang’s classic pocket tee and Old Navy’s boyfriend tee are amazing. MY NEW FAVORITE is Z Supply’s pocket tee sold at E-Street Denim.

z-supplyIt’s been a long summer – too much partying, too much sun and my closet looks like a tornado went through it! Time to get it together people – fall is coming!

Purge the closet
If you didn’t wear it this season– get rid of it! Take stock and make a list of what you need for fall.

Purge the body
I tried that awful cleanse – I wouldn’t suggest that. I say just do a lot of fruit, veggies, water (and booze) and cut out sugar, dairy and bread – DONE!

Purge your skin
You know I love the Rodan+Fields REVERSE regimen – takes away all of the sun damage. CLICK HERE to read about the 60 day challenge.


P.S. Coming soon… Fall Trends 2016. WARNING – it’s a snoozer…not my blog – just the trends. I’ll need some extra creativity (wine) on this one!




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9 days / 10 pounds – we’ll see about that!

July 31, 2016 | Laura Schoch | Featured


This little package – o – grossness arrived today as I am set to start a 9-day cleanse on Monday! Everyone says “oh you will feel so good after you finish.” I feel great now, I eat whatever I want, drink like a fish, sleep it off and repeat.  Let me be clear, I’m not doing this to “feel better” I’m doing this to get rid of the flab that has developed around my mid section from all of the things that truly make me “feel better”.

Inside these exciting containers are what I will be surviving on for the next 9 days and let me tell you they sound delicious.

  1. A powder that magically turns into a yummy “shake” by simply adding water AND ice. It’s a miracle!
  2. A jar full of “snacks” – my favorite snacks come in a bag and are called chips.
  3. Another powder thing called “cleanse for life” and it’s berry flavored but I will be cleansed “for life” so down the hatch with the berry goodness.
  4. A natural accelerator which are some pills – I’m thinking a take all of them day one and accelerate this cleanse down to a day or two.

First problem I see with this. No instructions – very annoying! Now I have to go download them from someplace. STRIKE ONE!

To follow my 9 days in hell – I’ll be posting updates on Instagram – FOLLOW ME @laurastyleofficial



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July 8, 2016 | Laura Schoch | Featured


SIMPLY  STYLISH….This is how I am rolling these days.  A few things OLD, one thing NEW, NOTHING borrowed (because I’m 50 and I don’t borrow shit from people.  Girls, really?) and my nails always BLUE.

When you go simple, you can get ready in a flash ’cause it’s so easy.  I love it when people ask me “what are you wearing tonight?” Um, It’s 8 am – I will know what I’m wearing about 3 minutes before I am walking out the door.  Side bar and HUGE pet peeve… When someone asks you what you are wearing and you say… “probably jeans” and then you decide to wear a dress and you show up and they spend the rest of the night nagging the shit out of you… “you said you were wearing jeans”, “I feel so under dressed”.  BITCH, I CHANGED MY MIND!



My tips for going SIMPLE:
1. You can NEVER have enough black and white tops.  EVER!
Do not be that person who finds a kick ass white blouse and doesn’t buy it “because I already have a white blouse”  WHAT?  So instead you buy some ugly AF print thing that you never wear “BECAUSE IT WAS ON SALE” (#anotherpetpeeve) And a shout out to those who say “I can’t wear black” in a super whiny voice – HAHAHA – you have no idea what you are talking about!

2. If you love a denim brand – STICK WITH IT!
Why in the hell would you torture yourself with trying on 100’s of pairs of jeans when you know for a fact that your favorite brands are X and X.  Just get another pair- you can even buy them online and you know they will fit- DUH! My favorites are FRAME and 7 FOR ALL MANKIND – fyi!

What could be easier than a dress?  It’s one thing and it matches .  Just whip it on, grab a jean jacket as a topper and a necklace and off you go!

4. Have a STATEMENT item.
People who have GREAT accessories get all the oooh’s and ahhh’s so put your money there.  I love hats, vintage anything , a unique bag, kick ass jewelry and anything furry or leather!   Things that DO NOT COUNT as statement pieces… name brand bags – your PRADA bag – useful not interesting.  A print scarf – keeps your neck warm – that’s it.  TIFFANY jewelry that everyone else has – nope!

Keep your closet cleaned of items that you don’t wear- just get rid of them- it will be okay- let it go!  And now for my annual SIDEWALK SALE WARNING…  My rule: Do not buy anything that you would not pay full price for.  You need to love it that much.  It should be like this…” OMG – I love this jacket.  I can’t believe it’s on sale- what a bonus”.  It should NOT be like this… “HMMM would I wear this?  I hate red but this is kind of a good red right?  Wouldn’t I wear this to um maybe a holiday party or on Valentine’s Day? I mean geez it WAS $200 and now it’s only $ 50 – that’s a great deal for such an… um… interesting looking top- right? Maybe I’ll ask the random people around me what they think.” Walk away and go get some free popcorn at the bank!

Check out my other pages for simple summer ideas…
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In my photo:
Necklace- LS Designs- Kick ass huh?
White Pants – Hard Tail – at Londo Mondo Winnetka (Love that shop!)
Black Slip Top – Aritzia – I have 5 black and 5 white
Buckle Bracelet – Vintage
Bag – Meghan – talk about a statement! Oh, and it’s 10 years old

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