Truely Original

November 22, 2016 | Laura Schoch | Featured



“Happy Birthday to a true original” someone wrote that on my Face Book page and I have to say, that is the biggest compliment to me (and I know they meant it as one).

Follow your arrows…it’s become my motto. I have it tattooed on my arm to remind me to always be true to myself, be original, color outside of the lines. Okay I know – back to the tattoo – so crazy for this suburban MOM. I’m sure that I was the center of town gossip for a least a week until some dumb bitch forgot that is was her turn to bring the snacks to soccer practice. I actually had someone at my country club say, “Oh you are the one with the tattoo” Hilarious dude- I doubt that I’m the ONE. Seriously?

So I did not steal this saying from Kasey Musgrave’s song, “follow your arrow” (but it’s a good one – listen to the lyrics). I say arrows (plural) , because I think we all have many arrows – explore them all, say YES, Dream BIG!

I designed a jewelry line called “arrows” – a great gift with meaning. I don’t have a website because I am too lazy to keep it up to date. If you are local – come to my event or stop into E Street Denim in Winnetka or e-mail me for some pictures. Whatever you do FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @laurastyleofficial.

I’m thankful that you appreciate my originality and follow me. Happy Thanksgiving!



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October 10, 2016 | Laura Schoch | Featured

I would like to make back a little money on my clothes that I spent a lot of money on and wore once!  Oh don’t worry miss Cherry Charity – I give a shit load away and plus I volunteer to do a lot of things that you’d never do.  Putting a bag of your old clothes on your front porch doesn’t make you a saint!  So now, for those of you like me – you are going to thank me for this one.

Have you ever loaded up your SUV with a bunch of kick ass items – hauled over to some resale shop only for the bitchy owner to turn up her nose and pick out 1 or 2 things that she thinks are FIT for her shop and they have to be perfectly clean and on hangers and in season and THEN then you’ll get paid on when they get paid!  This is the biggest racket going.  These owners own NOTHING.  You are giving them their inventory and you get a crappy % of the sold price.

So there’s E-BAY which is a pain in my ass – let me write up a 100 word essay on this $20 item and take 10 pictures – no thanks!

INTRODUCING … POSHMARK.  I fricking love this!  Simply put – here’s what you do:
– Go to the post office and stock up on FREE mailing pouches
– You’ll also need tissue, and mailing tape to package your items
– Download the app to your phone
– Snap some pics of your items
– Upload them to your “closet” – and fill in the form which asks for a few things like color, price, description – very simple info – fill in the blank
– Once it sells they send you and e-mail “congrats you sold your party dress” and they ATTACH a mailing label- they had me at hello with this one!
– Wrap up the item and attach the label and put it out for your mail carrier
– You get paid into an account and then just transfer to your bank account or you can use the dollars to shop on Poshmark

– there are a lot of other features in the site to help you sell more – I want to keep it simple.
– you can sell any brands in any season – it’s your closet

You are welcome!

CLICK HERE to check out my LS BEAUTY page for an amazing offer just in time for the holidays!!


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October 2, 2016 | Laura Schoch | Featured

As I mentioned last blog, I’m a bit bored with fashion right now.  Sorry not sorry.  I need to be entertained or I start to drift (in all aspects of my life).
I don’t know what I’m expecting or looking for but I’ll tell you what it’s NOT…

A one armed top on a two armed person…one-arm

The vomit inducing combo of dusty pink and mustard yellow…

A puffy coat over a dress or anything other than ski wear
(like some kid who heads off to church in a nice dress with their North Face jacket)

Shearling bomber jackets for the most unflattering look ever plus #hotflash

Ruffles… they are great for potato chips (period)

I did find few trends that I am digging for FALL:

The Pant Suit

Bell Sleeves

BOHO – you know me:)
I am always LOVING accessories.
Simple dressing with some amazing statements-

Statement CHOKERS – they started small but are going BIG for fall
Statement FUR – please stop me- I’d like one in every color please!
Statement EARRINGS – just bought these 
fw16-e011-thumbnail_rectangle_largeBags with a kick ass STRAP 
I’ll let you in in a little secret, I’m buying a guitar strap and connecting it to a bag I already have!  Cause I need another bag like I need a hole in

I’m excited to get into my leggings and big sweaters to cover up a long summer of sin… which is slipping into a sinful fall and then comes the holidays – YIKES!

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September 20, 2016 | Laura Schoch | Featured


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