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willSo LAX airport just announced that they are building a “celebrities only” terminal. THANK GOD because they should not have to mingle with THEIR CUSTOMERS – yeah that’s right – we are not pesty fans – we are their customers.  I’m anxious to see who they determine to be a “celebrity” .  I mean there are the obvious and then there are the Snookies, the Honey Boo Boos, the Kelly Picklers and the “real” housewives of…Good Luck there.

I did something really embarasing one time, I WAVED at a celebrity (Anne Hathaway). The minute I did it I regretted it because that’s so not me.  When you really step back and look at the way we pedestrians treat celebrities … we scream and try to touch them and ask for autographs and stalk them on social media… it’s extremely weird.  What we should really be doing is waving at the guy who invented the cotton gin or the wright brothers.  I guarantee that most have us have done way more than these celebrities.  Shit I’m going to start waving at all the single moms who are working their asses off for their kids and have no time for themselves – I want YOUR fricking autograph!

We spend a lot of time listening and watching every single detail of celebrities lives.  Worse yet, we listen to their ADVICE!  Journalists actually ask celebrities what they think about important things like politics and raising children and how to cook and war!  Seriously? These are people who make a living pretending to be someone else.  What makes them experts on ANYTHING?

While celebrities LOVE their status and all the free clothes and jewelry (they don’t pay for anything) they are always trying to act that they are normal people.  BIG news is when a celeb goes to the grocery, takes care of their own kids and goes make up free and shows the real body without touch ups.  WOW you are really putting yourself out there that is TOUGH!

WE ARE ALL CELEBRITIES… Treat your self like one before the holidays kick in and we have to make our own Christmas dinner!  UGH

My favorite things to do before the holidays:

Declutter the house, get some fresh flowers or blooming plants, find a new candle scent and light it (I love NEST)

Treat yourself to something special for the holidays… new boots, a new bag, a great statement necklace, a new dress.  Go get a coffee, turn off your phone and shop. Take sometime to browse a favorite boutique and pick out something that you love and will get a lot of use out of.

Go to the make up counter and freshen up your look – have them do your eyes and pick a new lip color.  I love to get a great facial before going into the holidays and b y all means while your nails are drying at the salon get a chair massage.   Grab a few perfume samples and wear them around for a few days – put your favorite on your christmas list.  Do a 3-7 day “cleanse” – eat clean – protein, fresh fruit and veggies, lots of water.

Unplug.  Grab a glass of wine and sit down (in your clean living room) and take sometime to get your lists organized and relax for 30 minutes.  When you are organized you are more relaxed.  Then have another glass of wine and you can take on the world!


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November 2, 2015 | Laura Schoch | Featured

I’ve always been a little outside of the box – maybe a lot outside and I’m okay with that. I do get stopped when I dress outside of the box – “You always have such cool things” YES I DO!  And the reason why I do is because I seek them out.  People ask where I shop and I really have to stop and think because I’m not a regular at any department store.

I shop on vacation and buy things from their local designers.  I go to shows , vintage markets, shopping events and pop up shops.  I stop and go into that store that I always drive by and wonder what it is.  I am always seeking out the interesting because I have always looked at fashion as art – a way of expression and I definitely want to express that I do not want what everyone else has and I don’t want to blend in.  I like a story.  I have things that I remember where I got them and what attracted me to them.  I can find something cool in a cheesy gift shop on the streets of New York or in a weird  teen clothing store that I went to last week with my daughter – cute earring $5.00 (yes thats right)  Oh I know thats so creepy to you Tiffany’s gals -“I can only wear real jewelry”  blah blah blah! Some people actually say things like that  “I only wear REAL jewelry.”  They say that they are “allergic” to fake jewelry.  Well guess what I’m allergic to?  Fake people who say shit like that!

On this my 50th birthday, I am rolling out my new jewelry line.  I spent the last year taking metal smithing classes and designing my first collection titled “follow your arrows” – my reminder to always be me.

As the cute song by Kasey Musgraves goes…
Say what you think
Love who you love
‘Cause you just get
So many trips ’round the sun
You only live once

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September 28, 2015 | Laura Schoch | Featured

Growing up we had a saying in my family  “DQ” (dumb question) which meant that the question was so dumb, that you could just say “DQ” instead of trying to actually answer the question.  My Mom mostly said this to my Dad because you know husbands with their dumb questions.

After you’ve been married for 25 years, you’d think that some DUMB questions wouldn’t have to be asked over and over and over again.  Instead of saying DQ, I’ve actually tried to answer this stupidity…

HIM: “ Why do you have so many clothes/shoes/bags?”
ME: “Well, I don’t have as many as…. I’m really good at purging… I wear all of these things…I haven’t gotten anything new in sooo long… it’s a collection like your beer cans from 7th grade (displayed in our basement)… I’m saving these for Ellie”

HIM: “Why do you need to bring 2 suitcases?” or more cleverly put “ how long are you staying”  HAHAHAHAHA good one!
ME: “Well one whole bag is shoes and I’m always cold so I had to bring some wraps…my bags are smaller…I’m not sure what I’m wearing to each thing…I’d rather have what I need so I don’t have to shop and spend more of YOUR money”

HIM: “Why does it take you so long to get ready?”
ME: “Um well I have to dry my hair… and put on make up… and I can’t find my spanx… and this makes me look fat… what I planned to wear isn’t right and neither is anything else in the huge pile on my closet floor …Can you just wait downstairs rather that standing over me telling me to hurry!…  Now I’m sweating and have to redo my make up – shit ! … Really? you are in the car honking?”

Then the daily stupid ones “why do you let that stuff bother you”, “ why do you drop their lunch at school – let them starve”, “ how many lip sticks do you need”,  “why do you have the AC on the car windows down”, “why are you always cold/hot”, “ why did you say yes if you were just going to complain”, “ why can’t you just tell her that you don’t WANT to go to her party”!

ME FROM NOW ON: Hey DUDE, I’m not a DUDE do you recognize that we are different?

some great fall girly accessory trends
by Chan Luu

By Zohara – very cool website!
by Lu Lu Frost
SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker – the queen of shoes


CHEERS!  Laura

As you know, I’m ending the 49 forever tour.  My 50th is just around the corner and with that I’ve decided to reinvent my website a little bit.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to act like a grown up or stop swearing or be nice to people.  I’m simply changing the look, adding some pages and some other things that I’m not sure of yet but will be in a month!  Stay tuned.  I may get one more in before the big day who knows???


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August 20, 2015 | Laura Schoch | Featured

el gray-001
Empty Nester – AHHHH.  I AM SO GLAD that I do not have to…
drive carpool, or pack a lunch, or drop forgotten homework off at school for the hundredth time, or make 3 dinners due to everyone’s schedules, or drive an hour to a rained out baseball game, or edit a paper at midnight, or wait up for kids out past curfew, or listen to the latest story about so and so and why she’s so mean, or check the soccer website every 30 seconds to see what team they made, or listen to some crappy music, or clean up messy rooms (cars, bathrooms, mudroom, basement) , or wash perfectly clean clothes that they were too lazy to hang up, or remind them… everything, or do flashcards, or play a game that is boring me to tears, or be woken up in the middle of the night with a tummy ache or nightmare, or watch a painfully long dance recital, or take a call from the police (mad teacher, annoying mom, principal) or comb the tangles out of hair, or sit in the ER at odd hours, or wait in the pick up line.

FINALLY I can do all of those IMPORTANT things that I was wanting to do if I hadn’t been busy waiting on my kids 24/7.  I’m just sitting here all by myself trying to remember what those important things were. “TERRIBLE FREEDOM” A term that a grief counselor said to my Mom when my Dad passed away.  I get it now.

Enjoy every moment… tomorrow the moment will only be a memory.


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