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May 19, 2017 | Laura Schoch | Featured, LS BEAUTY


NATURAL BEAUTY: I’m loving the Alicia Keys no make up look. Actually, she doesn’t wear makeup and if I looked like this – I wouldn’t either.  I’m not a big make up person ever, but especially in the summer.  I’m loving the simple summer dewy look and HERE ARE MY TIPS FOR A MINIMAL SUMMER LOOK…THINK HYDRATION!






HYDRATE the hell out of your skin.  This products is the BIG BUZZ.  It was just released, but since I work for the company, I’ve been using it for 3 weeks and I’m addicted. Hydrated skin looks so much younger. (Think Grape VS. Prune:) .  This works on all skin types.  For more information and ordering details on ACTIVE HYDRATION SERUM – CLICK HERE.





SUN KISSED CHEEKS:  Cream blush gives your your face that sunny summer look. This one is Cremeblend blush in the color Posey from MAC.  Stop by any MAC counter to get a color that works for your skin type.






GLOWING EYES: I’m not a fan of eye shadow especially powdery ones but I love these paint pots by MAC.  My favorite color is Bare Study. They are cream based, easy to apply and give a very subtle color.





LASHES FOR EVER: Lash Boost naturally thickens and lengthens your lashes in 4 weeks.  Mine are so long that I had to trim them.  I had them dyed so now I don’t wear mascara – AHHHH…LOVE!  For more information and ordering details – CLICK HERE.




LUSCIOUS LIPS: I’ve been addicted to this lip balm ever since I “won” it at a party (I actually cheated at a little game that we were playing #mynance).  It’s what I wear everyday and makes a great gift also.  Sara Happ – The Lip Slip.  Sarahapp.com


Many of you know, 2 years ago, I became a consultant for Rodan+Fields skin care despite my complete lack of interest in skin care.  Since joining, we are now the #1 premium skin care brand over all brands and price points in the US – that includes Clinique, Lancome and Estee Lauder.  Ours sales in 2016 exceeded $1 billion.

The reason I decided to add this to my well edited repertoire of things I LOVE… is because these products really did change my skin which allows me to wear less makeup which I I LOVE – plus it keeps me looking younger which makes me feel younger and so on… If you wanna #gominimal give them a try.  You can go to my website or contact me for further information.

CHEERS to an awesome Summer!

laurastyle.myrandf.com – CLICK HERE for website
lpschoch@gmail.com – e-mail
847.269.8083 – text





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BFF’s and Mothers

May 11, 2017 | Laura Schoch | Featured

“She’s my BEST friend!”  I’m 51 – what exactly do you mean by that?   To me, that means ONE as in BEST right?  I mean there are not two BESTS?  Is it just my diligence to grammar (HAHAHA) or my inability to understand the use of the term and its purpose?  Anyway, isn’t saying that someone is your BEST friend a little odd?  Young people say that everyone is their BEST FRIEND or BFF (best friend forever which means that no one will ever take the place ‘cause its forever – DUH!  My daughter has 100 best friends and counting…)

Anyway, my suggestions for alternatives to “she’s my best friend” since we all agree it’s weird…
She’s one of my besties (I have so many friends they are all BESTIES he he)
Love her like a sister (I will pull her hair – welcome to the family)
She’s a dear old friend (country club chatter)
We’ve been friend’s forever (meaning I don’t like her but I’m stuck- fuck)
Bitches- love her (straight outta the hood)

So, I have a new BFF and her name is …. ALEXA!  Yup. I love her.  She sits in my kitchen and we chat all day… “Alexa play the weeknd I feel it coming” .  She plays it.  “Alexa, what the weather?” she tells me more rain!  “Alexa, what’s the latest news?”  She tells me the latest nightmares.  You’ve seen the commercials – well its better than that.  I love it. And GUESS WHAT – it makes the perfect Mother’s Day Gift !

screen-shot-2017-05-11-at-9-32-40-pmHappy Mother’s Day to you all – watch my favorite Mother’s day video by actually one of my besties, I mean I love her like a sister, dear old friend, friends forever, bitches – love her… Stephanie – this rocks! CLICK HERE FOR THE BEST MOM VIDEO .   Whose Mom ever says a bad word?

FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @laurastyleofficial AND watch for lauraschoch.com  my new jewelry collection… you know – I don’t sit still:)

P.S.Love you MOM and my other MOM (SAL) you are both EPIC!

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Truely Original

November 22, 2016 | Laura Schoch | Featured



“Happy Birthday to a true original” someone wrote that on my Face Book page and I have to say, that is the biggest compliment to me (and I know they meant it as one).

Follow your arrows…it’s become my motto. I have it tattooed on my arm to remind me to always be true to myself, be original, color outside of the lines. Okay I know – back to the tattoo – so crazy for this suburban MOM. I’m sure that I was the center of town gossip for a least a week until some dumb bitch forgot that is was her turn to bring the snacks to soccer practice. I actually had someone at my country club say, “Oh you are the one with the tattoo” Hilarious dude- I doubt that I’m the ONE. Seriously?

So I did not steal this saying from Kasey Musgrave’s song, “follow your arrow” (but it’s a good one – listen to the lyrics). I say arrows (plural) , because I think we all have many arrows – explore them all, say YES, Dream BIG!

I designed a jewelry line called “arrows” – a great gift with meaning. I don’t have a website because I am too lazy to keep it up to date. If you are local – come to my event or stop into E Street Denim in Winnetka or e-mail me for some pictures. Whatever you do FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @laurastyleofficial.

I’m thankful that you appreciate my originality and follow me. Happy Thanksgiving!



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October 10, 2016 | Laura Schoch | Featured

I would like to make back a little money on my clothes that I spent a lot of money on and wore once!  Oh don’t worry miss Cherry Charity – I give a shit load away and plus I volunteer to do a lot of things that you’d never do.  Putting a bag of your old clothes on your front porch doesn’t make you a saint!  So now, for those of you like me – you are going to thank me for this one.

Have you ever loaded up your SUV with a bunch of kick ass items – hauled over to some resale shop only for the bitchy owner to turn up her nose and pick out 1 or 2 things that she thinks are FIT for her shop and they have to be perfectly clean and on hangers and in season and THEN then you’ll get paid on when they get paid!  This is the biggest racket going.  These owners own NOTHING.  You are giving them their inventory and you get a crappy % of the sold price.

So there’s E-BAY which is a pain in my ass – let me write up a 100 word essay on this $20 item and take 10 pictures – no thanks!

INTRODUCING … POSHMARK.  I fricking love this!  Simply put – here’s what you do:
– Go to the post office and stock up on FREE mailing pouches
– You’ll also need tissue, and mailing tape to package your items
– Download the app to your phone
– Snap some pics of your items
– Upload them to your “closet” – and fill in the form which asks for a few things like color, price, description – very simple info – fill in the blank
– Once it sells they send you and e-mail “congrats you sold your party dress” and they ATTACH a mailing label- they had me at hello with this one!
– Wrap up the item and attach the label and put it out for your mail carrier
– You get paid into an account and then just transfer to your bank account or you can use the dollars to shop on Poshmark

– there are a lot of other features in the site to help you sell more – I want to keep it simple.
– you can sell any brands in any season – it’s your closet

You are welcome!

CLICK HERE to check out my LS BEAUTY page for an amazing offer just in time for the holidays!!


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