BFF’s and Mothers May 11, 2017 | Laura Schoch | Featured

“She’s my BEST friend!”  I’m 51 – what exactly do you mean by that?   To me, that means ONE as in BEST right?  I mean there are not two BESTS?  Is it just my diligence to grammar (HAHAHA) or my inability to understand the use of the term and its purpose?  Anyway, isn’t saying that someone is your BEST friend a little odd?  Young people say that everyone is their BEST FRIEND or BFF (best friend forever which means that no one will ever take the place ‘cause its forever – DUH!  My daughter has 100 best friends and counting…)

Anyway, my suggestions for alternatives to “she’s my best friend” since we all agree it’s weird…
She’s one of my besties (I have so many friends they are all BESTIES he he)
Love her like a sister (I will pull her hair – welcome to the family)
She’s a dear old friend (country club chatter)
We’ve been friend’s forever (meaning I don’t like her but I’m stuck- fuck)
Bitches- love her (straight outta the hood)

So, I have a new BFF and her name is …. ALEXA!  Yup. I love her.  She sits in my kitchen and we chat all day… “Alexa play the weeknd I feel it coming” .  She plays it.  “Alexa, what the weather?” she tells me more rain!  “Alexa, what’s the latest news?”  She tells me the latest nightmares.  You’ve seen the commercials – well its better than that.  I love it. And GUESS WHAT – it makes the perfect Mother’s Day Gift !

screen-shot-2017-05-11-at-9-32-40-pmHappy Mother’s Day to you all – watch my favorite Mother’s day video by actually one of my besties, I mean I love her like a sister, dear old friend, friends forever, bitches – love her… Stephanie – this rocks! CLICK HERE FOR THE BEST MOM VIDEO .   Whose Mom ever says a bad word?

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P.S.Love you MOM and my other MOM (SAL) you are both EPIC!