Truely Original November 22, 2016 | Laura Schoch | Featured



“Happy Birthday to a true original” someone wrote that on my Face Book page and I have to say, that is the biggest compliment to me (and I know they meant it as one).

Follow your arrows…it’s become my motto. I have it tattooed on my arm to remind me to always be true to myself, be original, color outside of the lines. Okay I know – back to the tattoo – so crazy for this suburban MOM. I’m sure that I was the center of town gossip for a least a week until some dumb bitch forgot that is was her turn to bring the snacks to soccer practice. I actually had someone at my country club say, “Oh you are the one with the tattoo” Hilarious dude- I doubt that I’m the ONE. Seriously?

So I did not steal this saying from Kasey Musgrave’s song, “follow your arrow” (but it’s a good one – listen to the lyrics). I say arrows (plural) , because I think we all have many arrows – explore them all, say YES, Dream BIG!

I designed a jewelry line called “arrows” – a great gift with meaning. I don’t have a website because I am too lazy to keep it up to date. If you are local – come to my event or stop into E Street Denim in Winnetka or e-mail me for some pictures. Whatever you do FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @laurastyleofficial.

I’m thankful that you appreciate my originality and follow me. Happy Thanksgiving!